…because life tastes better when you spread the jam.

Olympic Living Room Inspiration

I know I said that JimmmyJams would take a week off for vacation, but how was I to know how inspired I would be by the rug in the place we are staying?  The 2012 London Olympics are upon us.  As you prepare for the XXX Olympiad, I know that gymnastics is near the top of your list of events you don’t want to me.  No doubt, this will psych you up.


And be a blessing, people! 😉

The Jam Takes a Break

Unless I become so inspired by the enchantment of the beach, the throb of the waves on the shore and the sprite in the sea air, I shan’t be appearing this next week.  A week of doing nothing at all at the ocean just has too much appeal.  My thanks to you good “Jammers.”  I’ll see  you again soon.

Be a blessing, people! 😉

The FDA and Yak Snot

In my house, I am The Food and Drug Administration.  I tell my kids what is good for them and what’s not.  They think I’m a terrible ogre and they cry out to the heavens for reprieve from their oppressor.  The difference between me and the “experts” in Washington DC is that I was appointed by God! 😉

(no Yaks were injured or killed in the making of this video blog)

Video Games for Old People

No, it’s not that old people like me don’t do video games much because we are products of a different cultural era.  My generation pioneered the industry with Pac Man, Space Invaders and even Pong!  It’s that old people have to do “real” more than you young’ns.  😉

Golfers Are Fashion Models

“Please do not adjust your TV set–it’s only a golfer’s clothing.”

Facebook Is Like Heaven

Imagine gathering everyone you’ve ever known in one room.  No wait…don’t imagine that!  It’s too horrifying!

…or is it? 😉

WiFi: The Next Currency

Modern travelers think of WiFi the way ancient Saharan Beduins thought of an oasis or a watering hole.  Give us WiFi and we will like you!  Fail and you will taste our wrath. 😉

Have a Good One

If you’re going to have one, I hope it’s good! 😉

Your Dog’s Anal Glands NEED You!

I know I’m gonna hear it from all sides now:  Dog lovers will bark at me for being insensitive to the personal hygiene needs of pets and my friends will slam me for simply bringing up such an obscure and repulsive topic.  But let there be no question:  Mankind must maintain the canine population’s glands!!!  😉

Eating With Both Hands

Both hands + Soap = Better!

Perfect Parenting


Sadly, not enough parents err in the direction of perfectionistic parenting, but for those who do…

Life is Terrible These Days

Are you better off now than you were 35 years ago?

The Length of Things: Blogs and Armpit Hairs

Some things assume a natural length by virtue of their very nature. 😉

The Weather is Always Right

Do you know someone who likes to point out the “error” in the weather?  Have you ever noticed that such statements like: “I hate this rain” or “I’m sick of this wind” tell us more about the person talking than about “problem” with nature?

Resistance is futile!  Embrace the weather!  😉

What is the American Dream?

What amazes me about the American Dream–whatever it is–it seems to be dreamed by people around the world!  I enlist a few other “voices” to start this discussion.  What do YOU think about the American Dream?  Share your vision.  Share your story.  Special thanks to “Alexandra” for her question about this.

And oh!  YOU guess the “voices.”  😉

Do Everything!

Somehow you got this far in life without doing everything.  But you’re still supposed to do everything! 😉

Star Trek is Weird!

Half of the fun of watching Star Trek is making fun of it!  The other  half is actually pretty profound and culturally-significant (I’m under contract to write that part).

So, what do YOU like about Star Trek?  What do YOU think is weird?  You know you want to get it off your chest! 😉

Use Your Blinkers!

Until the human race develops telepathy, I think a mechanical device which which helps us indicate which direction you intend to go with our car is a good thing (DO YOU UNDERSTAND THAT, WOMAN WITH THE BIG HAIR IN THE BROWN, FORD ESCORT THIS MORNING AT THE INTERSECTION OUTSIDE MY NEIGHBORHOOD?!!!)

Sorry…I had to get that out of my system.

My Pants Fit

I completely support cultural freedom of expression, open fashion articulation and the unrestrained articulation of style.  That way I have fun stuff to blog about!!! 😀

Kids Need Play

After I recorded this, I read a cool article that reiterated the same idea, but included a cardboard box as another essential for excellent play.  Maybe you can think of other rudimentary toys that help our kids play well.

I Don’t Have Tattoos–What’s Wrong With Me?

I don’t have tattoos. Why not? You never see a Ferrari with a bumper sticker, do you? 😉

Oh, I’m absolutely not against tattoos.  I love all my tattooed friends.  I just can’t bring myself to do it.  “I’m going to get a tattoo” is kinda like saying, “I’m gonna go make a life statement.” WOW!

Even though I don’t have a tattoo, I gotta hand it to those who do–you made a GIANT decision! In this day, it’s good for people to make the big, important decisions. Perhaps the tattoo is only a 1-inch Care Bear on your ankle, but THAT’S HUGE!…because it will be there until you die or we all have flying cars (whichever comes first).

I’d like to hear what you think about tattoos as a thing. Go ahead…speak up! 🙂


This is in response to a question by viewer, Tina.  Tina, I don’t know all the “know-it-alls” yet, but so far, I know enough.  I know that you know that everyone knows enough “know-it-alls” to know a few things about them.

If you know some things about “know-it-alls,” please share your knowledge! 😉

The Chaos of English Pronunciation

How did I ever learn to speak English?  How does ANYONE ever learn this language?  English does have rules of spelling and pronunciation–I don’t know them!  If you speak another language, you quickly understand that usually there is no reason for competitive contests like “Spelling Bees” to test students…because spelling and pronunciation are sensible ALREADY!

Enjoy my rendition of Gerard Nolst Trenité’s “The Chaos of English Pronunciation.”  Apparently this Dutchman wrote longer versions of this, but hey–this is long enough for me! 😀

Buying TV Stuff

“BUT WAIT!…ORDER NOW AND…”  Doesn’t that confuse you?  Which is it?  Wait or order now?

As long as the world has turned, there have been sales pitches.  It’s part of who we are.  I’m totally good with that.  That doesn’t mean that TV product “infomercials” and 1-800 ads aren’t a bit goofy.

So, have you ever bought anything from a TV advert?  I wanna hear your story!  What are your thoughts about TV ads?

The Perfect Cup for Coffee

Here it is!  After you’ve exhausted every avenue to make the nectar of the coffee bean as delectable as humanly possible and you’re planning on sitting for a spell to just bathe your taste buds in the stuff, here is how you want to do it.

  1. It holds a lot.
  2. It feels good in my hand.
  3. It keeps it hot.
  4. It’s stainless.
  5. It’s the most stable thing on my desk (or even AT my desk).

Nanny-nanny-boo-boo! My coffee cup is better than yours! :p

Teenagers, Showers and Water Bills

I like a warm, soothing shower just like the next guy, but once I started paying the bills, I found myself able to let go of the cascade of joy. My teenager doesn’t feel the pain in the pocketbook like I do.  But I love my son very, very much.  Fortunately, there is a way to shower that we can all learn that keeps Mom, Dad and every water consumption ecologist happy.

My Dog is Psychic

A dog is a mystery to me.  It’s like there is some kind of dog culture.

Meet my dog.  She is one of the most consistent, predictable people…uh…animals I know. Oh, that doesn’t mean I like her.  Well…okay, I like her. (Sigh) What a confusing relationship!

This is JimmmyJams!!!

Hi there!  Nice to meet you.  You have found “JimmmyJams” (with 3 “M’s” in “Jimmmy”…don’t forget that)!

As Tim Tebow would say, “I’m excited!…” that you checked out my video blog.  Honestly, I’m also a bit nervous.  Nerves are good things.  They keep us from getting hit by bulldozers and other large, heavy, moving objects.  Nerves focus us and enable us to destroy evil monsters and people associated with the Galactic Empire (sorry, I just watched Star Wars again).  So, even though I’m nervous about plopping my face onto the web and opening my yapper, I’m doin’ it!

Allow me to introduce myself.  I’m a tall American guy with background and education in communications, journalism, videography, radio, blah, blah, blah.  I’ve always enjoyed such a variety of things in life that musing about them all just seems natural.  I enjoy singing, songwriting (maybe I’ll do some of that here), running, golf, eating, breathing…an much more.  I’m a pretty good guy and I’m delicious on crackers!

Hey, make yourself at home.  At the time of this posting, I only have a few videos but that will change.  Tell me who you are. Tell me what you think and what you’d like me to comment about.  Subscribe, comment and let’s see where this goes.  Just be yourself and I’ll do the same!

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