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Teenagers, Showers and Water Bills

I like a warm, soothing shower just like the next guy, but once I started paying the bills, I found myself able to let go of the cascade of joy. My teenager doesn’t feel the pain in the pocketbook like I do.  But I love my son very, very much.  Fortunately, there is a way to shower that we can all learn that keeps Mom, Dad and every water consumption ecologist happy.

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6 thoughts on “Teenagers, Showers and Water Bills

  1. Mandy Senn on said:

    OMG! That is exactly how Gary has taken a shower our entire married life except with one addition. He stops the drain so the tub fills with water and then while he scrubs (with the water off) he can soak his feet. You guys spent too much time together way back when!

  2. Melody on said:

    WOW Totally gorgeous…TAKE OFF THE CLOTHES

  3. Peter LAZAR (Lazy) on said:

    Crazy American 🙂

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