…because life tastes better when you spread the jam.

Kids Need Play

After I recorded this, I read a cool article that reiterated the same idea, but included a cardboard box as another essential for excellent play.  Maybe you can think of other rudimentary toys that help our kids play well.

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9 thoughts on “Kids Need Play

  1. Tina Woods on said:

    Kids need a sand pile and small toy vehicles. They need a pail, a paint brush and a hot sidewalk. They need pots, pans and wooden spoons. They need an old sheet, lawn chairs and clothes pins. And , of course they need books!

  2. At Georgia Tech their doing research to see if they can design robotic toys to aid kids with physical rehabilitation, and so forth. It’s taking play to the other extreme. They’re doing research to see how kids play and interact with simple toys in order to understand how they could make a toy that could also help the kid with health problems. Here is a link to the research http://humanslab.ece.gatech.edu/humansWeb/PhysicalTherapy.html

  3. I happen to have read an article in an airline magazine on this very topic. I enjoyed one thought: If your kids are bored, learn how to say to them, “excellent!” I like that! 😉

  4. scotty on said:

    I get to play with kids all morning long now and I love it!! But I was that Mom who told her sons go outside and play!!

  5. I don’t think these other commenters are getting the fact that you just like to rant pure and simple… I love it!

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