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Eating With Both Hands

Both hands + Soap = Better!

Perfect Parenting


Sadly, not enough parents err in the direction of perfectionistic parenting, but for those who do…

Life is Terrible These Days

Are you better off now than you were 35 years ago?

The Length of Things: Blogs and Armpit Hairs

Some things assume a natural length by virtue of their very nature. 😉

The Weather is Always Right

Do you know someone who likes to point out the “error” in the weather?  Have you ever noticed that such statements like: “I hate this rain” or “I’m sick of this wind” tell us more about the person talking than about “problem” with nature?

Resistance is futile!  Embrace the weather!  😉

What is the American Dream?

What amazes me about the American Dream–whatever it is–it seems to be dreamed by people around the world!  I enlist a few other “voices” to start this discussion.  What do YOU think about the American Dream?  Share your vision.  Share your story.  Special thanks to “Alexandra” for her question about this.

And oh!  YOU guess the “voices.”  😉

Do Everything!

Somehow you got this far in life without doing everything.  But you’re still supposed to do everything! 😉

Star Trek is Weird!

Half of the fun of watching Star Trek is making fun of it!  The other  half is actually pretty profound and culturally-significant (I’m under contract to write that part).

So, what do YOU like about Star Trek?  What do YOU think is weird?  You know you want to get it off your chest! 😉

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