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Star Trek is Weird!

Half of the fun of watching Star Trek is making fun of it!  The other  half is actually pretty profound and culturally-significant (I’m under contract to write that part).

So, what do YOU like about Star Trek?  What do YOU think is weird?  You know you want to get it off your chest! 😉


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5 thoughts on “Star Trek is Weird!

  1. I love Star Trek, even if it can be downright corny at times. I appreciated how the show addressed key moral issues going on during the times the shows were aired. “Let this be your last battlefield” was once such example, addressing racism. Are there other movies / shows that are better at sci-fi action sequences? Definately…though those that condemn the show for that are missing the point of Star Trek completely. Just my two cents. 🙂

    • Your two cents are priceless. Well said! I’m so blessed that my kids can see past the cardboard and the quirkiness to see the “human” characters, the fabulous themes and the always-relevant morals. How many shows have morals anymore? Thanks Vincent.

  2. Great stuff! Great show, great franchise that deals with serious stuff…and is totally ripe for this ribbing!

    The voices – you’ve got them down.
    And I love the jokes about the behind-the-scenes stuff – “…as big as a Hollywood backlot. Oh…”

    Well done!

  3. petersaturday on said:

    nice one!! I agree with you of course-star trek is weird….but AWESOME!!

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