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Olympic Living Room Inspiration

I know I said that JimmmyJams would take a week off for vacation, but how was I to know how inspired I would be by the rug in the place we are staying?  The 2012 London Olympics are upon us.  As you prepare for the XXX Olympiad, I know that gymnastics is near the top of your list of events you don’t want to me.  No doubt, this will psych you up.


And be a blessing, people! 😉

The Jam Takes a Break

Unless I become so inspired by the enchantment of the beach, the throb of the waves on the shore and the sprite in the sea air, I shan’t be appearing this next week.  A week of doing nothing at all at the ocean just has too much appeal.  My thanks to you good “Jammers.”  I’ll see  you again soon.

Be a blessing, people! 😉

The FDA and Yak Snot

In my house, I am The Food and Drug Administration.  I tell my kids what is good for them and what’s not.  They think I’m a terrible ogre and they cry out to the heavens for reprieve from their oppressor.  The difference between me and the “experts” in Washington DC is that I was appointed by God! 😉

(no Yaks were injured or killed in the making of this video blog)

Video Games for Old People

No, it’s not that old people like me don’t do video games much because we are products of a different cultural era.  My generation pioneered the industry with Pac Man, Space Invaders and even Pong!  It’s that old people have to do “real” more than you young’ns.  😉

Golfers Are Fashion Models

“Please do not adjust your TV set–it’s only a golfer’s clothing.”

Facebook Is Like Heaven

Imagine gathering everyone you’ve ever known in one room.  No wait…don’t imagine that!  It’s too horrifying!

…or is it? 😉

WiFi: The Next Currency

Modern travelers think of WiFi the way ancient Saharan Beduins thought of an oasis or a watering hole.  Give us WiFi and we will like you!  Fail and you will taste our wrath. 😉

Have a Good One

If you’re going to have one, I hope it’s good! 😉

Your Dog’s Anal Glands NEED You!

I know I’m gonna hear it from all sides now:  Dog lovers will bark at me for being insensitive to the personal hygiene needs of pets and my friends will slam me for simply bringing up such an obscure and repulsive topic.  But let there be no question:  Mankind must maintain the canine population’s glands!!!  😉

Eating With Both Hands

Both hands + Soap = Better!

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