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Olympic Living Room Inspiration

I know I said that JimmmyJams would take a week off for vacation, but how was I to know how inspired I would be by the rug in the place we are staying?  The 2012 London Olympics are upon us.  As you prepare for the XXX Olympiad, I know that gymnastics is near the top of your list of events you don’t want to me.  No doubt, this will psych you up.


And be a blessing, people! 😉

Life is Terrible These Days

Are you better off now than you were 35 years ago?

Star Trek is Weird!

Half of the fun of watching Star Trek is making fun of it!  The other  half is actually pretty profound and culturally-significant (I’m under contract to write that part).

So, what do YOU like about Star Trek?  What do YOU think is weird?  You know you want to get it off your chest! 😉

This is JimmmyJams!!!

Hi there!  Nice to meet you.  You have found “JimmmyJams” (with 3 “M’s” in “Jimmmy”…don’t forget that)!

As Tim Tebow would say, “I’m excited!…” that you checked out my video blog.  Honestly, I’m also a bit nervous.  Nerves are good things.  They keep us from getting hit by bulldozers and other large, heavy, moving objects.  Nerves focus us and enable us to destroy evil monsters and people associated with the Galactic Empire (sorry, I just watched Star Wars again).  So, even though I’m nervous about plopping my face onto the web and opening my yapper, I’m doin’ it!

Allow me to introduce myself.  I’m a tall American guy with background and education in communications, journalism, videography, radio, blah, blah, blah.  I’ve always enjoyed such a variety of things in life that musing about them all just seems natural.  I enjoy singing, songwriting (maybe I’ll do some of that here), running, golf, eating, breathing…an much more.  I’m a pretty good guy and I’m delicious on crackers!

Hey, make yourself at home.  At the time of this posting, I only have a few videos but that will change.  Tell me who you are. Tell me what you think and what you’d like me to comment about.  Subscribe, comment and let’s see where this goes.  Just be yourself and I’ll do the same!

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