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The Length of Things: Blogs and Armpit Hairs

Some things assume a natural length by virtue of their very nature. ūüėČ

This is JimmmyJams!!!

Hi there! ¬†Nice to meet you. ¬†You have found “JimmmyJams” (with 3 “M’s” in “Jimmmy”…don’t forget that)!

As Tim Tebow would say, “I’m excited!…” that you checked out my video blog. ¬†Honestly, I’m also a bit nervous. ¬†Nerves are good things. ¬†They keep us from getting hit by bulldozers and other large, heavy, moving objects. ¬†Nerves focus us and enable us to destroy evil monsters and people associated with the Galactic Empire (sorry, I just watched Star Wars again). ¬†So, even though I’m nervous about plopping my face onto the web and opening my yapper, I’m doin’ it!

Allow me to introduce myself. ¬†I’m a tall American guy with background and education in communications, journalism, videography, radio, blah, blah, blah. ¬†I’ve always enjoyed such a variety of things in life that musing about them all just seems natural. ¬†I enjoy singing, songwriting (maybe I’ll do some of that here), running, golf, eating, breathing…an much more. ¬†I’m a pretty good guy and I’m delicious on crackers!

Hey, make yourself at home. ¬†At the time of this posting, I only have a few videos but that will change. ¬†Tell me who you are. Tell me what you think and what you’d like me to comment about. ¬†Subscribe, comment and let’s see where this goes. ¬†Just be yourself and I’ll do the same!

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